Who are you?

Having spent just over seven years living and working in London, my career began in the defence industry and naturally segued into marketing. We recently moved out to Surrey where I run a Graphic Design and Marketing Agency and an online jewellery store specialising in hypoallergenic titanium jewellery. I’m a Dad to three wonderful kids, husband to an incredible wife and mother, and a very keen cyclist.

What is your role in the charity? 
My team takes care of cancereducationuk.org, ensuring the website is clean, resourceful and user-friendly. 

Why do you choose to be a volunteer?

Having lost relatives to cancer, I wanted to make a difference by donating my skills and experience. Anyone can do it.

What is your favourite thing about volunteering at CEUK?
The passion that Mary has for the charity is inspiring. Many of us have incredibly busy lives with families and careers pulling us in different directions, but through Mary’s determination and passion we manage to pull together and keep the heart of the charity beating hard.