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Call our helpline


Whether you are calling to self-refer for access to our cancer support services or just want to have a confidential chat with a member of our team about your cancer journey, our new free helpline will be here to support you.

The helpline will be available Mon–Fri 9am–5pm.

Call us on 0203 811 8270.

We will provide specialist support to anyone affected by any cancer type or with particular queries; if you are unsure of your symptoms, have been recently diagnosed or just need emotional support. 


You may want to know more about the signs and symptoms of a cancer type, or it may be a family member ringing us on behalf of their cancer partner or relative.


Whatever your call is for, we will provide friendly, understanding and confidential support with the chance for you to talk openly in a safe space. 

What if I can't get through?

If you don't get through straight away, there is an option to leave a voicemail and we will phone you back as soon as possible. 

Out of hours, you can also leave a voicemail and we will phone you when we are next available.