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On 17 May 2021, Cancer Education UK launched a petition to drive positive change by tackling one of the many health inequalities within the Black, Asian and other minority ethnic communities in the UK.


We are petitioning a request to the government to increase funding for the NHS to provide breast and other prostheses required after cancer surgery in a range of skin tone colours to suit people within the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

Join our journey in creating awareness of the issue to drive change: sign our petition today and spread the word.

Did you know?

Following breast cancer surgery through the NHS, women are offered a temporary breast prosthesis. Through our research various reports and media coverage have highlighted experiences of women with darker skin tones particularly from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities are currently being offered a white flesh colour skin tone prosthesis. After going through this life changing illness, a different skin tone prosthesis adds to stress, affecting their mental health and ability to integrate back into normal life following surgery.

We want to make a simple change! By helping women within these communities who have already suffered cancer, treatment, and surgery to feel like they are respected as individuals and treated equally and fairly. This inequality should not be taking place in today’s healthcare provision.

Follow us, share, interact and enjoy with us on our social media channels. The petition forms part of our Cancer Education UK Awareness Week from 17 to 23 May. We will have lots of activities including Instagram LIVE sessions featuring free yoga, information on diet and health and we will have our health professionals answering any questions you may have. Come and join the fun and remember to share and help spread the word!

Championing equality in cancer care for all ethnicities

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We need a minimum 10,000 signatures for the government to respond. Sign, share and help us make the change.