Who are you?

Hi everyone this is Shuqi, born and raised in Shanghai, being a Londoner for nearly two years now. I am a master student studying Digital Asset and Media Management at King’s College London. As an individual who cares about health inequality and psychological wellbeing, I take an active role for a national organisation that drives key policy changes for BAME community as an intern alongside my study.

What is your role in the charity? 
As a PR and Communications Officer, I also consider myself as both a campaigner and copywriter. It is all about the art of negotiation. My main responsibility is campaign planning and execution, which includes collaboration opportunity identification, media pitch draft, fundraising ideas development and crisis response. Our external stakeholders range from commercial enterprises, healthcare institutions, public sector bodies, social media influencers and other charitable organisations. In addition to business development, I also get involved in internal communication strategy. 

Why do you choose to be a volunteer?

I am strongly motivated and energised by the broader contribution that I can make, both to our community but also to the wider world. With a determination to choose the healthcare industry as my ideal career path in the future, I inspire to make my own contribution to a cancer charity that advocates for underrepresented groups of individuals as a starting point.

What is your favourite thing about volunteering at CEUK?
Definitely a high level of autonomy. Volunteering cross-functionally at CEDUK gives me more access to it. Considering one of my highest strengths is relationship builder, promoting an engagement campaign such as Vision100 helps me take this strength further. I enjoy forging successful corporate partnerships to trigger mutually beneficial brand recognition. It is amazing that you can make the most of your potential here.